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Hello Robin,

Thanks a lot for being so helpful-it´s not nice to be a messanger of such sad news….I managed to contact my family and will arrive to Poland just on funeral.

Galapagos is an experience that you have once in your lifetime. Cormorant II is a great boat!Everyone everyday was culinary astonisheed by the chief-he is a magniciant of cuisine.It is hard to describe the taste of the fish he prepared!!!! Delicious!

The first guide we had wasn¨t unfortunmately interested in the passengers, but the second one-Leonidas was really good!
You are really a good travel agent-I´ll promise to recommend you to anyone willing to come to Ecuador!Thanks once again!

Ewa Mikolajczak

Hi Robin

Sorry to take so long to feedback as requested re the trips we took, sadley my father died a few days after I got back.

Anyway the trip to the Galapagos was great, the Eden was good value I think (nothing to compare it to however) There were only 11 guests, which was great. The crew were great, very friendly & the food was excellent. The tip they expected was a lot higher than you lead us to expect however. Our cabin was fine, below deck as arranged & we had no problems. We did hear of cochroaches in one of the cabins however – don’t know if that is normal, re the heat. Overall we were very happy with the trip, many thanks for your advise.

We took 2 other trips, arranged through yourself:-

The 2 days to the cloud forrest was great – really enjoyed it. Can’t say the same for the trip to Cotapaxi, which was poor value for money. We were expected to shop at the market at the park entrance & then told we could either go up cotapaxi or go to the market, but not both. There would have been time for both if we had spent less time at the Hacienda & less time being expected to spend at the park entrance – overall I wouldn’t recommend it.

Hope you are well & not working too hard, & thank again for all your help

Barbara Hetherington

Hello again, Robin!I might as well write now, because I will have less time when I return to Sweden. And also, now my impressions are fresh.About the boaT (Angelique): I think it was quite good, reliable captain and a good crew, who did what they could for us. After four days wthey had some problems with the electricity system, I think one generator broke down and they had difficulties getting spare parts. One night we were totally without electricity. And I have a feeling that they were reluctant to run all the air conditioning because of lack of electricity. Several times there were air conditioning in the dining room /or only in the cabins.The food was excellent, a very good cook.And the guide, Wilmer, was very good, had good knowledge of fauna and flora, and could communicate it to us with enthusiasm and in an English that could be understood by the passengers.NOTES ABOUT BIRD-WATCHING:Since I am interested in birds, I hoped to see as many as possible. And the itinerary of Angelique is very good for bird-watching, with visits to Genovesa (redfooted boobies, storm-petrels), Española (more boobies, Galapagos hawk but wrong time of the year for albatrosses), Bartholomé (Penguins), flamingoes at Santa Fe or Genovesa – I don´t remember now where it was. The trip produced 17 of the endemic species of Galapagos, among them 7 different Darwin Finches, mailnly a result of the knowledge of the guide (Wilmer).Anybody who would like more details about the bird-watching, can send a mail to me with questions: Thanks for all your help, Anders L

Hi Robin,

Kevin and I loved our Cormorant II cruise. We would highly recommend it to others. Thanks for your help in getting us there.

Our guide was Fabian Romero Davila — excellent. His English was quite good, and his knowledge of the flora and fauna was comprehensive. Plus, he was so enthusiastic. This was his first trip with the Cormorant (he usually works other vessels), so unfortunately there´s no guarantee that future Cormorant travelers would get him.

Kevin and I were in cabin 2 — very nice. Our cabin was toward the front end of the boat, so engine noise was not a problem. The even-numbered cabins were on our side of the boat, odd-numbered on the other side (with the engine noise). The couples in cabins 1 and
3 said that engine noise wasn´t a problem for them (they were towards the front of the boat), but those in 5 and especially 7 complained. The noise also bothered the guy in cabin 8, whose cabin was on our
(quiet) row but nearest the back of the boat.

The food was delicious — fish, meat, chicken, vegetables, and fresh fruit. And plenty of it. We had one vegetarian on our cruise, and she wasn´t happy (rightfully so — the chef didn´t do anything special for her, and each of our meals centered around meat and fish which she didn´t eat).

Our only complaint about the boat is that it didn´t offer any entertainment options for our down time when we were stuck on the boat — not even music from the stereo at night unless we specifically asked. No games on board. No boat-sponsored cocktail party. No salsa lessons. No Galapagos videos, although there was a big TV in the common area between the rows of cabins.

Plus they didn´t fill the hot tub very often. In our
8 days, it was only filled 3 times, for an hour or so each time. Not sure why.

About the tour itinerary — we loved the first 4 days of the tour, esp. Espanola. We were quite disappointed by Fernandina and Isabella, except for the snorkeling. We didn´t see nearly as much wildlife there as on the more eastern islands. We could´ve skipped Floreana.

Overall though the tour was great, and we were quite pleased. We´d give it at least a 9 out of 10.

Amy Hall


Hi Robin

Now back in UK. Nemo II was a fantastic choice. Beautiful boat with impeccable service. Itinerary worked well too. Guide (peter Freyere) was excellent. If you have any specific qns to help you advise future customers do let me knwo. Many thanks for your help which made the whole experience pretty easy from 5000 miles away.

Best regards

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