Galapagos GALAXY boat review [MARCH 2009]   Leave a comment

Dear Robin,

We have just arrived home from a 23 day Journey to the Galapagos (8 days), Ecuador (7 days), and Peru (8 days). The four of us have tried to think of changes we might have made, but because of your expertise in helping us plan our Journey, we could not arrive at a single day or place that we would alter. The GALAXY was a wonderful First Class Yatcht. The chef did a great job on serving delicious meals. We had plenty of snacks and drinks daily and the Staff were so friendly, always there to make our stay most memorable. We had the best guide in the Galapagos, Carlos Carbo. He made our adventure to the Islands unforgetable. Each Island was distinctive with it’s own characteristics. Who would ever dream of swiming with Sea Lions, hovering over sharks, colourful fish, manta rays, golden rays, sting rays and eagle rays not to forget the iguana’s, penguins and sea turtles and all the beautiful birds. We chose the Galaxy because we liked the different Islands that it offered and we were not disappointed. We would recommend the Galaxy to anyone visiting the Galapagos. Our guide gave us a huge surprise on our last few hours aboard. While with us, he did a video of the gang scouting out the different islands, best of course, was the snorkling,
needless to say, we can show family and friends how daring we all were gazing down at the sharks, colourful fish, and all the other wonderful sea creatures. The video is a wonderful keepsake of memories aboard the Galaxy.

Onward we went, to Quito, where you set us up with Hector Clavijo, our guide for the next 5 days.
You gave us “the best” again. Hector knew his Country, and shared his most valuable information about Ecuador, with us. We travelled over 600 miles from Otavalo (market) to San Antonio De Illbara (wood carvings) to Peguche (woven wall hangings) to Cotocachi (leather) and that was only the beginning. We did the Bellavista Cloud Forest where we slept in the “Tarzan Penthouse” and viewed hundreds of hummingbirds up so close one could almost reach out and touch them. On our way to Quilotoa Lagoon we stopped to visit many little children and passed out crayons, pencils, pins and toys. Their smiling faces will always be with us. Saquisili Market was a must on route to Cotopaxi National Park……..4600 m above sea level! View,view,view! Beautiful Country and every turn in the road, a picture.

Onward to Peru!
Cusco is beautiful with spanish arches, wooden balconies, coble streets,etc. The Vistadome ride to Aguas Calientes was picturesque. Machu Picchu was a bit of a disappointment only because our guide seemed to be in a hurry and we felt he did not do a good job on the history of the ruins but after he left us we treked up to the Caretaker’s hut and enjoyed the great view. We drove through the Sacred Valley and admired the awesome views and after lunch visited the fortress of Ollantaytambo which proved to be as interesting as Mach Picchu. We had a great bus ride to Puno where we were met by another great guide, Able. Our excursion to Lake Titicaca was unforgettable. Whoever thought we would see floating islands, like huge straw-like nests. How interesting to see totora reed atop root clods and experience a ride in a caballito (reed boat). Onto Tequille Island with walled paths and rustic arches and dotted with Inca & pre-Inca ruins. Here, we had a homestay with a native family. We experienced a night in a mud hut, slept on a reed bed and dined on fresh trout with natives in their traditional dress.

When our plans began and we contacted you, we expressed how we wanted to get to know your Country and mix with the people of your Country. I cannot believe how fortunate we were to have you lay out our itinerary to discover exactly what we were after regarding our Adventure. We will always be grateful for your expertise. We wish you great success and happiness in return for our most memorable trip to your wonderful Galapagos, Ecuador and Peru.

All the Best to You,
Nancy & Bill Scott
Bonnie & Steve Monteith
March 25/09

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