Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve   Leave a comment

Looking for something different while in Quito?
Take advantage and visit the Bellavista Cloud Forest reserve.

For a day trip or an overnight package

The Cloud Forest is such a special place, few people that visit it would disagree that there is something truly unique about it! It is an excellent option, as a marvel in its own right, or to compare with the Amazon forests – so many different species, so many different adaptations – or as a substitute for a trip to the Amazon if you are short on time!!! And at our altitude, there is no malaria, no yellow fever. If you come for the birds, if you crave adventure, these forests will not disappoint. The breadth of the natural attractions of the northwestern cloud forests of Ecuador is such that the number of lodgings and travel operators is growing (we hope not too quickly!). Do consider coming to Bellavista – our area is quiet, and off the main track – we look forward to meeting you, and are happy to open the gates into this incredible region of Ecuador !

Less than two hours from Quito, and yet are truly deep in the forest on a quiet road that sees little traffic, and offer packages with transport included to suit individuals, couples or groups.

There are an excellent network of trails, over 10 km in length, ranging from easy to genuine adventure, with 4 waterfalls on the property of 700 hectares, all deep in the forest and truly beautiful.

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