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We just got back from our trip on Tuesday and had a wonderful time.  I wanted to thank you for being able to upgrade, the ship was a definite step up from the Angelique (it was like being moved to first class from coach on an airplane, but lasting four nights).  Everything on our trip went very smoothly.  Hector did a fine job driving us and Cotococha is a good jungle lodge.

I made the right decision with my 10 year old son to just do a 5 day Galapagos cruise and 3 days in the jungle, instead of the 8 day cruise, because we ran into the same Mom and her 10 year old son on both our plane to Ecuador and back and they choose the 8 day cruise, but the Mom said her son started to get a little bored the last couple of days of the cruise because they had already seen all the animals.  I could have stayed 3 extra days in the Galapagos, but my son said 5 days was just right and he wouldn’t have traded the jungle time for extra days in the Galapagos.

In case any of your customers are considering going to Tena for a quick three day trip, our itinerary worked perfect.  Hector had us at the Papallacta hot springs around 9am, we swam for about 2 hours, then drove to Beaz(sp) and had a trout lunch at Gina’s, then got to the lodge about 3pm.  At 3:30 the lodge took us and the other guests to a jungle village to learn how they live, then later that evening we went on a night hike.  The next day the lodge took us to an island that had lots of monkeys, then to Amazoonico to see more jungle animals, then we had lunch and a swim in the river and finally to a butterfly farm.  Our last day the lodge took us to the Rafting Company, after a fun day going down the rapids we changed clothes and got on a 4 pm bus to Quito, arriving at our hotel around 8:30pm.  Although we had a lot of activities for three days, we still had time to relax on the front porch of our cabin and sit around the bonfire at the lodge.

It was a great trip and I hope to return soon.

Thank you and I’ll tell all my friends about Ecuador!

Mike and Mitchell Bray

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