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Source:  PNG (Galapagos National Park)

Date:  April 8, 2009

Baby Giant Tortoise hatching

The authorities of the Giant Tortoises Reproduction Center of the Galapagos National Park in Santa Cruz, report that so far in 2009, 361 baby tortoises have hatched, from different tortoise populations in the Center.

A total of 518 eggs that were collected from Pinzon, Espanola, Santiago & Santa Cruz Islands were placed in the Center’s incubators.  These 361 tortoises will pass aproximately 4 years under the careful care and watch of the Park Authorities prior to being relocated on there respective islands of origin.

Due to a limited space issue in the Center, Freddy Villalba (a Park Ranger for the Center) states, that we can not collect and incubate more eggs as we place priority on species of tortoises under threat.  Of the 361 eggs hatched, 142 come from Pinzon (Geochelone epphipium), 118 from Santiago (Geochelone Darwini), 86 from Espanola (Geochelone hoodensis) and 15 from Santa Cruz (Geochelone Nigrita).

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