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Orchid of Ecuador

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“The most recent count of the number of orchid species in Ecuador is 3,787 which is the highest number recorded and validated with voucher specimens of any country in the world.” ( Calaway H. Dodson, PHD , author of “Native Ecuadorian Orchids”)

You find them as epiphytes on trees, as lithophytes on rocks or rooted in the soil in the terrestrial fashion. Orchids grow in all ecosystems and some species range up to 4000m but the majority are found in the humid cloud forests and rain forests of the country. Some are so plentiful as to be considered weeds growing in disturbed areas whereas many you will never face as they grow high up in the crowns of tall tropical trees. But in any case if you love orchids you are in the right country to admire them.


We can set up and arrange personalized orchid tours.

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