Galapagos Islands – landings wet and dry   Leave a comment


Bartolome Hike Dry
Beach Wet
Española Gardner Bay Wet
Punta Suarez Dry
Fernandina Punta Espinoza Dry
Floreana Punta Cormorant Wet
Post Office Bay Wet
Genovesa Darwin Bay Wet
Prince Phillip’s Steps Dry
Isabela Tagus Cove Dry
Puerto Villamil Dry
Alcedo Wet
Elizabeth Bay dingy ride
Punta Moreno Dry
Urbina Bay Wet
Mosquera Wet
North Seymour Dry
Rabida Wet
San Cristobal Puerto Baquerizo Dry
Cerro Brujo Wet
Punta Pitt Wet
Islas Lobos Wet
Leon Dormido dingy ride
Santa Cruz Puerto Ayora Dry
Bachas Beach Wet
Caleta Tortuga Negra dingy ride
Santa Fe Wet
Santiago Puerto Egas Wet
Sombrero Chino Wet

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