Travel safety for Ecuador   Leave a comment

Ecuador, like any country on the planet, has its share of crime. However, contrary to popular belief, Ecuador is still a very safe and peace country to enjoy. Ecuador is generally stereotyped with such countries as Colombia and Venezuela.

On a Global Peace Index [link] Ecuador actually ranks 100, while the US rank 97. Take a moment to compare the US and Ecuador [link].


Other interesting statistics are such aspects as “murders committed by youths” where the US ranks #3 (8226 murders) while Ecuador ranks #11 (757 murders).

Investigating country by country statistics, the US (or many other European nations) don’t come out well either.

Obviously each person should take all the necessary precautions and steps necessary, and this includes researching, investigating and being well informed. However, taking things out of context can lead to generalizations that are inaccurate and misleading.

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