Ecuador rain forest   1 comment

Ecuador is fortunate to have one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet, the Amazon rainforest.

There are a handful of highly recommended budget, mid-range and deluxe lodges to select from, which include:


Casa del Suizo (Tena / Misahualli region)
El Jardin Aleman (Tena / Misahualli region)
Liana Lodge (Tena / Misahualli region)


Tapir Lodge (Lago Agrio / Cuyabeno region)
Yachana Lodge (Coca / Yasuni region)
Sani Lodge (Coca / Yasuni region)
Manatee River Boat (Coca / Yasuni region)


Sacha Lodge (Coca / Yasuni region)
La Selva Lodge (Coca / Yasuni region)
Napo Wildlife Center (Coca / Yasuni region)
Kapawi Lodge (Kapawi region)

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