Tourism growth in Ecuador & Galapagos   Leave a comment

Tourism in Ecuador increased 7.2% last year the (2008) in relation to 2007; breaking the barrier of the million visitors and it achieved an all-time record, the Ecuadorian Government informed.

In an official statement of the Ministry of Tourism, Ecuador received 1,005,297 foreign visitors (in contrast to 937,487 tourists in 2007), according to the data.

Among foreign tourists coming from America, the Americans were those that arrived in Ecuador in more number, with 244,406 visitors; followed by 200,487 Colombians, 147,420 Peruvians and 26,771 Venezuelans.

Also, Ecuador registered 22,839 Canadians, 13,689 Mexicans, 10,904 Cubans, 15,052 Brazilians, 24,212 Chileans and 21,718 Argentinean tourists.

From Europe, the biggest number of tourists to Ecuador arrived from Spain, with 49,937 visitors, followed by 25,180 coming from the United Kingdom, 24,227 Germans, 18,876 French, 13,799 Italians and 10,976 Dutchmen, among others.

Source: CAPTUR

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