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It’s been a whirl wind month, moving constantly after the Galapagos trip but I’ve finally slowed down enough to give you a feedback email.

First, I want to say thank you for your help, it was great, professional, and very different from all of the other tour guys we tried. We clearly had a budget and you made that very easy to discuss and work with. You also helped us discuss our various options. I also recommended you to Chris and Claire, a couple from Manchester, and I believe they booked with you as well.

My review of the Monserrat isn’t quite so glowing I’m afraid. While overall, we had a very positive experience there are two issues I wanted you to know about:

1) The itinerary was not just wrong, it was fraudulent. The guide admitted that the existing itinerary not only would not include Genovesa, but is hasn’t for over 7 months! It wasn’t a last minute change, they never meant to go! They are clearly not updating their website, selling a false itinerary. Another couple on our boat was equally frustrated that Genovesa was not on the itinerary. While we made do, I really thing that someone needs to give some strong feedback that they MUST update their website to reflect the proper itinerary.

2) The boat is clearly very old, when we boarded the showers were clogged and the air conditioners didn’t work (in more than one cabin). The crew were great and had them fixed by day 2 but the over all
feeling was far from ‘first class’. The food, while fine, was equally lackluster. I clearly wasn’t there for luxury so I wasn’t too bothered by this, I’m just letting you know for others that might care more.

I don’t want to leave you with the impression that we had a bad time! It was great! We try very hard to make the best of a situation. Just wanted to let you know. If there is a better place to give this feedback, please let me know. However, I’d suggest you are more careful booking the Monseratt in the future.

Sent from Panama

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