Oil spill in Galapagos (June 17, 2009)   2 comments

DATE: JUNE 17, 2009

According to local news sources, a diesel fuel spill occurred in Academy Bay, off the island of Santa Cruz on June 17, 2009. The spill occurred close to where the deluxe tourist boat, Evolution, was anchored. Galapagos National Park authorities have placed a security net to prevent the spill from spreading, although detergent was spread along the coast.

“It was a result of poor handling of the transfer of fuel to the boat, according to the crew; and investigations are under way to possibly fine the responsible parties” stated the Galapagos National Park spokesperson, Rosa Leon in an interview with AP by telephone in reference to an oil spill that appeared near the tourist boat Evolution which was anchored in the Puerto Ayora bay of Santa Cruz Island.

NOTE: Puerto Ayora spill containment.

2 responses to “Oil spill in Galapagos (June 17, 2009)

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