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Travel agents take the frustrations out of bookings

Travel agents take the frustrations out of bookings

10 reasons why clients should use a travel agent when booking corporate or leisure travel


Travel agents have access to the latest information on hotels, flights and destinations that a client doesn’t have access to. This knowledge is invaluable. If your client’s leg is turning green they can do all the research they want online, but it’s better to see the doctor, the same goes for travel advice.


Agents have access to the best deals and rates and when packaging a holiday can really save the client money through special deals and partnerships.

Personalized Service

Using a travel agent means your client has a human being who understands their needs and wants from a holiday. Through the use of internet communications options (i.e., Skype, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL etc) they can have a free-flowing discussion on options and extras.


For those that want a package, it’s incredibly hard (or time consuming) for a client to put together a complicated package independently. Even simple packages throw up a lot of issues they may not have considered. Agents remove all the stress out of this process leaving the customer to relax and dream about their perfect holiday.

Point of contact

The flight is canceled due to bad weather and the airline’s phone lines are jammed. A travel agent can take care of the rearrangement of flights, hotels and other issues that may arise while the client who booked direct has to join the queue with everyone else. This includes unforeseen events like lost or delayed luggage, health issues, lost or stolen belongings.

Costly and irritating mistakes

Sometimes getting it wrong can mean more than just a wasted holiday. Imagine booking your honeymoon and finding yourself in a resort surrounded by children screaming and running around? A travel agent can ensure honeymooners are sent to the best place.


A good travel agent will ensure the client knows about any festivals, holidays or events taking place that will temporarily change the nature of the destination. Sometimes sleepy towns are invaded by hordes of party goers for a festival or concert, ruining what was meant to be a peaceful holiday.

Attractions and extras

An agent can give customers a great deal of information on what there is to do at a destination and many of these attractions give better rates to agents, which you can pass on to customers as part of your package.

Details and documents

There are often issues with visas and medical requirements when traveling and many people who book direct are never made aware of them. As an agent you can explain the necessities giving your client peace of mind that they are fully prepared.

It goes without saying that many prefer to do their own homework and reservations. There is a Spanish saying, “Lo que parece barato a veces resulta más caro” which translates to “what appears economic often ends up expensive”.

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