TAME airline news   2 comments

TAME airline has just renovated their logo and started a new ad campaign:

TAME airline logo (2009)

For the Galapagos Islands ..

For Quito ….

For Guayaquil …

For Macas ….

For Portoviejo ….

For Loja …

For Tulcan …

For Cuenca …

For Manta …

2 responses to “TAME airline news

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  1. GREAT collection. Very clever method to advertise the airline, and what it gives the traveler…’WINGS’ to travel to these exotic locations! Love it.

  2. Amazing, colorfully vivid, joyful expressions of the different beautiful geographical areas where TAME AIRLINES flies in Ecuador. Wonderful depictions that put wings to our dreams to fly to this awesome destinations.
    Thank you.

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