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Best of Galapagos

The word BEST can aptly be defined as:

adj. Superlative of good.
1. Surpassing all others in excellence or quality;
2. Most desirable;
3. Greatest;




Why? This southern island is home to the most diverse & unique array of wildlife found in a concentrated area, and one of the most scenic panoramas to compliment.

Heading up the list comes the Waved Albatross [unique to island] (only found on Punta Suarez), but are only found here between April and December (they are not seen between January and March). Following up the list are the Blue-footed & Nazca Boobies, Sea lions, Sea turtles, Marine iguanas [unique species to island], Mockingbirds [unique to island], Lava lizards [unique to island], Galapagos hawk, Finches (Cactus & Warbler), Sally Lightfoot crabs & shore birds (i.e., Oystercatchers, red-billed tropic birds, Storm petrels, Audubon shearwaters etc).

Punta Suarez, the western-most point on the island, is an exquisite site – dramatic cliff scenery and the famous ‘blowhole’.

On the eastern side you find Gardner Bay – one of the longest beaches (2km) in Galapagos, with its dazzling white coral sand (sunglasses & a hat are a must to enjoy this spot). Here you can enjoy other such creatures as Galapagos martins, wading birds like Sanderlings & Waddling tattlers. Activities include hiking, snorkeling & swimming.


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