Galapagos cruise money warning / advise!   1 comment

It appears as though there is an increasing trend and probability that on numerous Galapagos Islands cruises – even high-end deluxe class cruises – that the chance of having money ‘go missing’ from one’s cabin (for cruise boats that do not supply a safety deposit box or other security measures) is becoming more frequent.

The whole tip issue and security for money, requirement to have large sums of money on hand, only asks for this kind of trouble.

The main problem is that expecting to have to pay large tips IN CASH sets up a security problem. There are no safes in the rooms. There was major crew turnover half way through the trip. It only takes one bad apple. I took $1000 cash, my wife about $500. Some other system needs to be in place. A safe, keys to room with only one crew member having access…something.

Again, a wonderful cruise in many respects, but tainted by the missing $100 and the safety concerns are also very real.

Sangay Touring® strongly urges clients visiting the Galapagos to take all necessary precautions and steps, if travelling with sums of cash to beware, becareful and cautious …. especially if your hotel or boat does not provide guests a safety deposit box or other secure method to store your valuables.

One response to “Galapagos cruise money warning / advise!

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