Galapagos Islands cruise expectations explained   Leave a comment

The level of one’s appreciation (or lack thereof) regarding your Galapagos Islands cruise experienced can be strongly based directly upon the level of expectations you had going into the cruise.
Tourists can have higher, lower or realistic expectations. Obviously you want to have a very realistic expectation (including all the advantages, disadvantages, up and downs etc) – you receive all that you thought you would. Spot on!

However, all too often, this is not the case. The next best scenario (in my opinion) is that one has a poorer expectation, and the reality is superior to what you had envisioned. This, by natural effect, tends to make your overall experience a positive one.

The worst scenario is that your level of expectation is too high (in relation to the reality). This, without a doubt, leads to a natural disappointment – as you didn’t receive all that you thought you would.

The lesson in all of this is that it is important that you have a clear, realistic vision of what you will receive. Consequently, the data and information being provided to you by the point of sales you have selected should be real, accurate and up to date.

Happy cruising!

Sangay Touring

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