Ecuador: 5 worlds for you to discover   3 comments

Ecuador – for a relatively small Andean country – has a surprisingly wide variety of tourist attractions and activities … and all within a short travel of each other.  In fact, you can say that Ecuador has 5 worlds ….

Each of these ‘worlds’ has its own distinct features – weather, topography, cuisine, culture, flora & fauna and adventure. Each world is a little world in itself … come discover them (or rediscover them).

Whether you are seasoned off-road adventurer or a novice traveler, Ecuador has something for you.

Ecuador – para un país andino relativamente pequeño – con una sorprendente variedad de atractivos turísticos y actividades … y todo ello en un viaje corto de unos a otros. De hecho, se puede decir que el Ecuador tiene cinco mundos ….

Cada uno de estos “mundos” tiene sus características propias – el clima, la topografía, la gastronomía, la cultura, la flora y la fauna y el aventura . Cada mundo es un pequeño mundo en sí mismo … Venga a descubrir ellos (o redescubrir ellos).

Si usted es aventurero experimentado todo terreno o un viajero novato, el Ecuador tiene algo para ti.

Posted November 15, 2010 by sangay in GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, MAINLAND ECUADOR

3 responses to “Ecuador: 5 worlds for you to discover

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  2. Hi Robin,

    Ecuador looks incredible! Thanks for sharing both here and on Google+ (that is where I found you). My wife and I are thinking of taking a long vacation to Ecudaor (probably Montanita or another coastal town). We have just started the research and I am wondering if you can point me in the direction of some good guides.

    We have 2 young boys – 6 and 3 – that will be coming also. Do we need to be especially concerned about their safety? Outside of not drinking the water, wearing sunscreen and being alert are there any major safety issues there?

    Thank you for any help and guidance you can give.


    • Good evening Brian,

      Yes, Ecuador is a small yet extremely diverse Andean country! If you are thinking of heading to the Montanita region, it would be ideal if you could do it (feasibility depending) between June and September … to take in the majestic humpback whales in the region!

      Depending on the time of year (and if there has been heavy rains), you might need to be aware of slight malaria possibilities. If you’re staying in a town (e.g. Puerto Lopez etc) you may want to be a bit more street smart (mainly petty theft possibilities).

      Brain, a great deal depends on how long & when you plan on visiting, along with what you would like to accomplish & do.

      Warmest regards,


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