Galapagos Islands .. it’s the wildlife that stands out   Leave a comment

One of the major highlights of any visit to the Galapagos Islands – and most that have already been will agree –  is the wide variety of fascinating and seemingly fearless wildlife.  For this reason a fancy telephoto lens is not absolutely necessary (with the exception of such birds as the Galapagos hawk) when taking your personal photographs of the interesting animals.

I still fondly remember my first visit to the Island over ten years ago …. and particularly remember how most of the wildlife seemed oblivious to the presence of human tourists – almost as if they had been trained to go about their daily activities in almost complete ignorance of the presence of daily tourists walking the various marked trails of the Galapagos Islands.

Some creatures (males Sea lions pop to mind) actually have turned the table, so to speak. It is not unknown for male sea lions to assert their dominance by occasionally trying to chase or herd tourists along the trails and away from their territory. I had a similar experience while snorkeling …. a male sea lion chased me off a secluded beach I had drifted on to and started to nip and nibble at my fins as I calmly (but rather quickly) made my way back out to sea.

Other situations frequently occur with such creatures as the Espanola Mockingbird, which are know renowned for landing on your arm (or any convenient spot) to try and drink water from your water bottle as you meander down the trail. Some land iguanas on (South) Plazas, for example, almost crawl over your hand while seated on a rock as you listen intently to your guide goes through a discourse about cactus, evolution or the such.

Posted November 16, 2010 by sangay in GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, PHOTOGRAPHY & IMAGES

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