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For those looking for a more personal insight to the various aspects of the Galapagos Islands, mainland Ecuador and travel related issues … feel free to jump to my personal blog – EcuadorGuide – Ecuador & Galapagos.

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A recent Trip Advisor ( message in the South America / Ecuador / forum [link to original comment] back ups our efforts and mandates …

I just recently used SANGAY TOURS (Robin Slater) out of Quito.This firm has what it takes and Alejandro was so helpful, never missed an email responded at night and over week end fast response to my Problems, Conflicts, Lateness ect. I booked a cruise for the 2oth starting on the 10th and he helped from what ever I neede.”Lots of questions no decisions and ebverything was a panic on my end,

TOTALLY proffessional Know their end of the business!

These guys are so patient and professional They take care of you.

YOU. tell alejandro Laurie Rodgers sent you!!!!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this firm Sangay Tours.any questions

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