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Ecuador on Alert for possible Pacific Ocean waves reaching 4m   Leave a comment

AUGUST 11th, 2011  13h30

The Ecuadorian government has issued an “Orange Alert” for the southern Pacific Coastal region (where waves could reach between 2 to 4 meters – according to local news sources, and has just included the Galapagos Islands (where waves could reach 2 to 3 meters in height – according to local news sources here in Quito).

The timing is not ideal as we head into a holiday long weekend, and a good majority of the major city inhabitants tend to flock to the coast during this period.

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14h30 INOCAR (National Oceanographic Institute) is predicting the strong possibility that the strong waves that hit the coast of Chile & Peru yesterday will arrive on the coast of Ecuador later this afternoon, with waves 2 to 2.5 m.  Forecasts for August 12 predictstronger and larger waves (>2.5 m), while those for August 13 predict that the waves will start to diminish and end in the evening of August 14th.

15h03 From local media source Telegrafo: COEN (National Emergency Operations Committee) has started limited evacuations of southern coastal regions of Ecuador, particularly the province of El Oro.  In addition, the government is permitting people to visit the coastal regions during the holiday long weekend (Friday to Sunday) but swimming in the sea will not be permitted .. along with any aquatic sports, fishing or whale watching.

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Galapagos Islands news: Rabida Island temporarily closed (Jan.7 – 28/11)   1 comment

According to Resolution no.0071 issued by the Galapagos Islands National Park Directive on December 30th, 2010, the Island of Rabida will be temporarily closed to tourists from January 7th through to January 28th, 2011.

De acuerdo a la resolución 0071 emitida por la Dirección del Parque Nacional Galápagos con fecha 30.12.10, se dispone el cierre temporal para uso turístico del sitio de visita Rábida durante el periodo 07 al 28 de enero del 2011.

Humpback whale found dead on coast of Manta   2 comments

A humpback whale died yesterday at Río Caña (near Manta, Manabi province, Ecuador) after several hours of being washed up on the beach.

The Provincial Director of Tourism, Cristina Castro, who at the same time is an expert on whales, said that she will promote training for the locals of the coastal region to act adequately in cases where these giant sea creatures get trapped and washed up on the beaches.

She also recognized that, in appearances, is an example of of the effects of trasmayo [illegal but commonly used fishing nets] that provoked its dead.

According to Castro, it is possible to save them in this situation but people need to know what to do.

Original source: La Hora (

TITLE: Murió ballena ‘Jorobada’
DATE: 2 de Septiembre de 2009

MANTA • Una ballena del tipo “Jorobada” murió ayer en el sitio Río Caña después de que se quedó varada unas horas.

La directora provincial de Turismo, Cristina Castro, quien a su vez es experta en ballenas, dijo que promoverá una capacitación para que los pobladores de las zonas costeras actúen adecuadamente en caso de varamiento de estos gigantescos habitantes del mar.

Ella reconoció que, al parecer, el ejemplar fue afectado por un trasmayo (arte de pesca), lo que después provocó su muerte.

Según Castro, es posible salvarlas, pero para ello se requiere saber qué hacer.

Galapagos fishing boat suffers damage (April 24, 2009)   Leave a comment

Breaking news from Galapagos ….

According to local news sources here in Quito, Ecuador a local Galapagos fishing boat, Reina Isabel, has suffered damages in the harbour of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (San Cristobal Island) Galapagos.

DATE: April 24, 2009
TIME: 20h20 local Quito time