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Basically you can say that I am an adventurous British-Canadian social worker by trade who evolved into an Ecuador & Galapagos travel consultant by passion & experience.

Born in Quito, Ecuador to British parents I spent my first six years in Tumbaco (near Quito) while attending the Alliance Academy in Quito. My parents would frequently take us down to Canoa & Atacames (back then they were untouched, undeveloped Pacific coastal paradisaical beaches), up mountains (like Cotopaxi) and generally enjoy the experience of Ecuador’s spectacular natural settings.

My fathers next posting was in Belize, so we sadly parted farewell to a country that we all came to cherish and adore. From the Andean sierra we adapted to the wilds of Belize while calling Big Falls Ranch (located inland towards Belmopan) our new home. I fondly remember Howler Monkeys making their usual noise across from our house (which was literally located in the middle of the rain forest). The property was complete with giant toads along with green iguanas- a dragon-like vegetarian lizard that can grow to 6ft in length and is often spotted in trees along riverbanks.

From 8 years of age I would fly back and forth across the ‘pond’ to attend a British private school, Old Buckingham Hall Preparatory School, near Ipswich, Suffolk . Here discipline, team work and respect were ingrained. By thirteen, my parents moved to the U.S.A. and where I subsequently attended McClintock High School in Tempe, Arizona. It was during this period that I got involved in Triathlons (like Firebird Lake, Yuma & Ironman), 10K competitions (Tuscon, Scottsdale to name a few) and skiing at Sunrise in the White Mountains, Flagstaff and some occasional trips to Telluride & Purgatory in Colorado.

Finishing up high school occurred in St. Catharines, Ontario (Canada) at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School while living in Niagara-on-the-Lake. During my time in Niagara area, I became involved in the hospitality business, starting as dish washer, and moving up to waiter and chef in mainly Italian restaurants (Pardon My Garden, Alfredo’s, Gate House Hotel Restaurant). It was also during these years that I developed a passion and interest in wine & sailing Albacores on Lake Ontario.

My time in Canada finished by attending the University of Ottawa for an Honours B.A. in Psychology and a B.S.W. from McGill University in Montreal. My focus turned to more social applications of my studies working for the such entities as the Shepherds of Good Hope in Ottawa – assisting the adult population with mental & substance abuse and challenges – and several youth in crisis support groups in Montreal.

From early childhood I learned to appreciate and explore the diversity of the globe, from rustic and rudimentary camping on South American beaches and Central America’s keys and rain forest to the Spanish Costa del Sol and Canadian Rockies.

My passion for photography developed from my first camera, a Kodak Brownie handed down to me by my father, along with curious and avid reading about Ansel Adams.

Today I have merged several childhood experiences (travel, exploration, photography) and University training (Psychology & Social Work) by naturally slipping into the Travel & Tourism field.

Moto: ‘clear mind + clear goals + clear actions = clear achievements’

Posted October 26, 2009 by sangay

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  1. Hi Robin,

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  2. YAA I like this. Thanks. ^_^

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  4. Hi – I couldn’t find any contact details on your site but please get in touch, I have some ideas I would like to discuss with you.
    Best, Matt

  5. Hi Robin, love your website. I’m trying to get hold of the BBC HD Born of Fire DVDs but can’t find them anywhere, i-player, Amazon……….any ideas? Thanks so much Sue

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